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Ciao, and welcome to my world!


If you asked me to describe myself to you in one sentence, I’d tell you that I am a free spirit who has a passion for people, loves caretaking my garden, enjoys delving into the culinary world, and is obsessed with traveling almost anywhere to explore historic sites and study the culture.


I began my journey into the world of writing while documenting all my incredible travel adventures at an early age. My mom would give me a tiny journal for each trip and encourage me to write down my thoughts and describe my surroundings. Flying to Boston, at age ten, by myself, to visit my aunt, was the first big adventure for me. From then on, going places alone wasn’t so scary! I took my first overseas trip in my early twenties to Paris without speaking the language or having a place to stay. How could I be so brave? The combination of travel and documenting my experiences stuck and I have been hooked ever since.


An interlude at La Varenne cooking school in Paris launched my appetite for food writing and soon the cook in me emerged, which led to positions as a pastry chef and caterer, and to later write recipes for newspapers and magazines. I even interviewed Julia Child! 


A vacation to Puglia, Italy, and a visit to the Frantoio Galantino, an olive mill, prompted me to begin a business where I imported pure, pungent extra virgin olive oil to the US. Rising shipping costs prevented me from continuing my business beyond five years but I still order delectable oil from them.


My first novel, The Sicilian Sorceress, is the culmination of my love of history, travel, and food. Inspiration came from my many trips to Italy, and the one that changed my life—to Sicily. With archaeological ruins strewn across the island, I couldn’t help but wonder about the people who lived so long ago. My quest to find out led to the writing of this book.


Next on my plate is a collection of travel stories accompanied by recipes from far and near, and also a sequel to The Sicilian Sorceress. Where will she land next? ​


On most days you will find me at home in San Diego, California, tending to my Mediterranean garden complete with pomegranate and fig trees. I also enjoy walking the beach with my sweet dog, Desi, and discovering yet another cookbook or mystery to read.



As well as being a writer, I’m also an editor. With a certificate from UCSD’s Copyediting program, I am well-equipped to copyedit the topics that are my passions: food, travel, gardening, and history, both fiction and nonfiction. I would be honored to have you as a client.  Find out more about my writing and editing services here.


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