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 Writing and Copyediting 

Sarah Banks, editor, writer and owner of Spring Tide

 “I worked with Mary on an editing project, and she is professional, friendly, and a talented editor! Highly recommend.”



I’ve been writing food and travel stories for over twenty years, each one with its own unique character. As a French-trained chef with a degree in nutrition, sharing recipes and helping readers become better cooks is my passion. I am well-versed in culinary terms, understand the nuance of recipe writing, and bring my vast knowledge and experience to the table. 

As for travel, let’s say I love how it reveals the truth of a place with its many art forms. I can help your audience connect with a destination and feel like they have been there. I am proud to have showcased my writing on my blog, Spoon and Suitcase.

Although I specialize in food and travel, I am open to writing content for another favorite of mine, gardening, along with pets, community, and nature.


What I offer:

• To craft your stories, articles, or books to target your audience.

• To fact-check and for consistency.

• A commitment to you to provide the best possible service, meet deadlines, and deliver a happy client. 

• To research facts for story detail, accuracy, and interest.



My fees are dependent on the project. Longer articles that include extensive research will be charged at a higher rate. I am happy to discuss your needs and give you individualized quotes.





Let me help you polish your work! Editing is your last chance to make a great impression. A good edit can lift your voice, iron out the fine details, and put the finishing touches on your writing. I hold a certificate in copyediting from UCSD and take the profession seriously. With me, you will receive quality editing, whether it’s just a light copyedit or a heavy copyedit. Not sure which level of editing you need? Here are the differences:


Light copyedit

• I will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and ensure consistency in hyphenation, numerals, and capitalization.

Medium copyedit

• The above plus checking for syntax, looking for parallel structure, querying for inconsistencies, enforcing consistent style and tone, and fact-checking.

Heavy copyedit

• A medium copyedit plus suggestions for sentence restructure and smooth transitions. I will also check for the accuracy of research (if needed), jargon, and gender neutrality.

I use Track Changes in Word so you can see my edits and respond to them. My clients receive a style sheet which can be used for the proofreader and future publications.

I advise my clients that no one is perfect and therefore I cannot guarantee that my work will be 100% error-free. I can guarantee that I will give you my 100% and strive to deliver the best possible product. 


Pricing for Editing and Proofreading

Each level of copyediting comes with a different rate and is dependent upon the content and the project. Please contact me for an individualized quote.

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